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A New Model for Equality

By Mack Major, 1RACE & Gene Dibble, IV, Uncommon Impact Solutions

The events of 2020 catalyzed by the death of George Floyd, the increased broad corporate interest in racial equity and ESG, and subsequent mainstreaming of the Black Lives Matter movement are a clarion call for businesses and organizations to improve outcomes for all stakeholders. Due to commercial real estate’s unique position — quite literally on the ground — the industry ought to be a leader in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in supporting and building stronger, more equal communities.

Healthy people living and working in healthy buildings lead to healthy communities. ESG, in addition to helping investors invest in climate change-friendly businesses and sectors, offers a framework for real estate firms to further DEI initiatives in creating robust and sustainable community health. All of this can and should be achieved without sacrificing, and in fact lead to, healthy returns for investors.

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