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E-Leadership, the office pipeline, and Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Download presentations from the NAREIM Executive Officer meeting 2020 here:

How to be a better (hybrid remote) CEO? Strategies for success

  • Proprietary survey of NAREIM Executive Officer perspectives on leadership strategies, successes and failures during and after Covid-19. Presented by Dominic Cottone and Camille Lee of Ferguson Partners.

What’s in the office pipeline?

  • During the Executive Officer meeting, we wanted to get inside the head of tenants to understand what would short-term, mediuk-term and long-term demand for office be. We were joined by Kevin Granger, Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield; Peter G. Riguardi, Chairman and President, New York Region, JLL; and Christopher Roeder, International Director, JLL.

  • One key topic was sublease availability - and how sublease space is now your new comp on asking and net effective rents.

Professor Henry Louis Gates, Emmy-award winning filmmaker, literary critic, historian, scholar and institution builder

  • Listen to the discussion with Prof Henry Louis Gates during the 2020 Executive Officer meeting as he speaks about the need to recognize the history of racial inequality in the U.S. to help us move forward in the future. Calling for transformative change in public education, financial literacy and affirmative action, Prof Gates said action started with targets and goals at corporations to include more diversity and ethnicity in leadership positions - and the need to work even harder on retention, by mentoring people of color and women.

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