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NAREIM 2022 in review: The best things come in small packages

NAREIM Year in Review: 2022

Jan 31, 2023

In 2022, NAREIM welcomed 17 new member firms to the association, helping boost the association members' collective AUM to $2.8tn. 

NAREIM member firms are truly representative of the industry: 84% are diversified across property types; 52% of firms investing in debt and equity; and members equally split between allocator and vertical integration models of operation.

But what is the future of real estate investment management? It’s a question that the NAREIM Board of Directors and Membership Committee have spent time discussing as we think about the future of NAREIM and the amazing growth we’ve experienced over the past five years. 

There's no easy answer to 'what is the REIM of the future?' But for NAREIM, it’s imperative to understand who should be in the room with you, our member, in the years to come. 

Are we seeing, for instance, more vertically integrated firms enter the market, raising their own funds and vehicles? Are we seeing more entrepreneurial/independent firms raise capital, or are firms affiliated with parent organizations taking a lead? How do you think about outsourcing functions over the coming five to 10 years? What functions represent the heart of what it takes to be a manager? What about capital sources? Property types? Size? Global footprint? 

We’re asking these questions because we want to ensure NAREIM represents the best ideas in the business to help you shape and craft your business and organizational strategies. But we’re also asking because NAREIM is about intimacy. Our size is critical. 

We need to stay small to keep alive the conversations we have in our in-person and virtual meetings. Grow too large, and the depth and authenticity of the conversation dwindles away. 

And so, who should be in the room with you over the next decade (or two)? 2023 is where we begin to shape NAREIM for the next 30 years. As we look ahead, we therefore ask you — and your organizations — to get more involved, to join one of our 15 committees and to participate in our research, to help NAREIM deliver the ideas and discussions that help you grow your team and organization. 

Check out this yearbook to see all that NAREIM achieved in 2022, and how you can be part of that in 2023.

Year in Review, key highlights:

  • Review and photos from 9 in-person meetings and 6 virtual connections held in 2022

  • See everyone involved in NAREIM’s two executive committees, three benchmarking committees and 11 functional group committees

  • Read key takeaways from NAREIM's 4 benchmarking reports produced with Ferguson Partners

  • Access NAREIM's four member pulse surveys from 2022 covering return to work strategies; mid-year compensation adjustments; tech budgets; and asset management processes

  • Also reconnect with the NAREIM Jeff Barclay Fellows and member contributions to NAREIM's biannual maagzine, Dialogues

Download the Year in Review 2022, here.

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