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NAREIM Fellows announced - 5 grads from Wisconsin, Columbia, NYU, Roosevelt & SMU

NAREIM Jeff Barclay Fellows, Class of 2023/24

Oct 20, 2023

NAREIM is pleased to announce its 2023/24 class of Jeff Barclay Fellows, celebrating graduates from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Columbia, New York, Roosevelt and SMU. 

Each year, NAREIM awards fellowships to five outstanding graduate students in real estate programs across the US. The fellowship's aim is to identify and nurture the next generation of real estate investment management business leaders through a unique learning and networking opportunity. 

The five members of the 2023-24 class of Jeff Barclay Fellows are:

  • Blair Steele, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Brendan Keen. Columbia University

  • Megan Lawlor, NYU

  • Neeva Strestha, Roosevelt University

  • William Harris, SMU Cox School of Business

The Fellows joined NAREIM Executive Officer members at the annual EO meeting in Deer Valley in October where they introduced themselves, networked with and shared ideas on the future skills needed by real estate investment managers.

Check out the Fellows by clicking here.

Blair's said the NAREIM Executive Officer meeting was an "immersive experience that not only expanded my knowledge but also emphasized the significance of connections in our industry. It was truly an honor and a profound learning experience."

Brendan said the NAREIM Executive Officer meeting was an "awesome experience. It is a complex time in our industry, and the chance to be in a room with key decision makers to see how they’re thinking about their business and investment decisions was truly impactful."

Megan enjoyed the "interactive and candid atmosphere" of the NARIEM Executive Officer meeting which "allowed us to openly discuss industry challenges and share insights on overcoming them. I also had the privilege of gaining valuable career insights from executives in attendance, which I will carry with me as I advance in my career."

Neeva felt the NAREIM Executive Officer meeting provided "invaluable insight" as someone interested in asset and portfolio management. "NAREIM effectively narrowed the divide between the expectations of a seasoned leader and a novice embarking on a career. The executive meeting has broadened my perspectives and provided a lifetime of valuable professional connections.”

William enjoyed the "organize and genuine relationships" created through NAREIM's Executive Officer meeting. "The group discussions were immensely beneficial, offering candid insights into industry trends. The Jeff Barclay Fellows Program is an opportunity that I highly recommend for any graduate student interested in commercial real estate!”

NAREIM members can access the resumes of the Fellows along with the 64 resumes of other applicants. 

Note, NAREIM is currently collected resumes from undergrad and graduate students for its annual Resume Book for distribution to NAREIM Talent & HR leaders. The Resume Book will be released in mid-December.

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