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Number of women in executive management roles increases 33% in two years

Women now account for 16% of executive management positions versus just 12% two years ago, according to the NAREIM/FPL Associates 2019 Compensation Survey.

  • The big picture. Overall, women make up 41% of full-time real estate investment management positions against 59% for men, according to the 2019 Survey. At the very highest levels, women represented 16% of roles, against 84% for men.

Are we losing women at junior levels? Women also increased their representation at senior and mid-level positions between 2017 and 2019, however at junior levels, the number of females dropped 4% over the past two years from 58% to 54%.

  • What can we do? Join NAREIM's new Diversity and Inclusion committee to help NAREIM and FPL Associates track diversity performance in real estate investment management organizations.In 2020, NAREIM and FPL will launch a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion Survey, highlighting current data on diversity of gender and race across functions and seniority, and provide industry best practices and policies surrounding, diversity, employee retention and inclusion.

  • We invite you to help build the survey into an industry benchmark. To join, email NAREIM CEO, Zoe Hughes.

For primary contacts only: To receive an executive summary of the 2019 Compensation Survey, please email Zoe Hughes. Please note, this is a restricted access document.

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