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Returning employees to the office, impacts of the election and due diligence a virtual world.

Download presentations and live polling results from the NAREIM Legal & Compliance meeting 2020 here:

The Economy in 2021: Moving past different

  • Discussion with Ryan Severino, Chief Economist, JLL

  • The incoming administration has to deal with the pandemic because it has an outsized impact on the economy and consumer spending. It could mean greater testing and tracing and coordination of vaccine and treatments.

  • The Federal Reserve is low on ammunition, but fiscal policy – or spending and investment bills – could be a focus for an incoming administration

Where are you now: Live poll results

How are members handling the return to the office and where are the biggest changes in their legal and compliance roles?

  • What percentage of your employees are currently fully back in office?

  • If you were to reopen next week, how will employee feel about returning to work?

  • What is your target date for having at least 50% or more of your workforce back into the office?

  • Are you offering flexible work schedules more permanently?

  • Open-ended discussion:

  • How are you ensuring employees don't feel pressured to return to the office and undertake business travel?

  • What are you changing about your own compliance strategies as you look ahead?

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