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Sustainability meeting: The path to net zero, health and wellness and resiliency metrics and planning

Download presentations from the NAREIM Sustainability meeting 2020 here from:

The path to net zero targets & evolving regulatory environment: Case study - MetLife

  • Case study review of MetLife's net carbon plan, status, goals and challenges - with Jim Landau, Director of Metlife.

  • Defining net zero and the best roadmap success, from energy efficiency, on and off-site renewables, renewable energy credits and offsets. 

  • Tracking and monitoring: Quantify emissions, tracking the impact of site improvements over time and understanding how to prioritize activities for the biggest impact.

Assessing and measuring resiliency and physical risk. What actions are owners taking to address risks across investment strategy, acquisitions, and asset management, inclusive of insurance implications at both acquisition and asset management.

  • Discussion with LaSalle Investment Management, Nuveen, and The Climate Service.

  • Integrating climate into the investment process:

  • Earlier in the investment committee process - the best practice of separate quasi-IC to debate sustainability well ahead of final IC meetings.

  • Understanding the insurance implications of a deal and the growing risk of rising premiums.

Peer to peer conversations: The acceleration of health and wellness initiatives.

  • Discussion with Harrison Street.

  • How do we truly measure health and wellness? Certifications and the balance between reporting and performance. What's the ROI on healthy buildings? 

  • How will we operate assets post-Covid and what are some of the immediate and near term changes you will incorporate?

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