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The impact fund opportunity GPs aren't seeing

NAREIM Dialogues Fall 2021 issue

October 25, 2021

The business of impact investing is booming. 

The Global Impact Investing Network estimates that the impact investment market — encompassing investments devoted to achieving positive social, economic and environmental impact alongside financial return — was worth $715 billion globally as of April 2020.  

That represents 42.4% growth from 2019 and until recently, the commercial real estate industry was sitting on the sidelines of this market. 

Yes, many real estate investment managers have long prioritized environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investment and operational decisions. Very few, however, are signatories to the Operating Principles for Impact Management (Impact Principles) established by the International Finance Corporation (IFC). 

BentallGreenOak's Anna Murray and Mike Keating explains how impact investing offers real estate investment managers an opportunity for returns - at the same time as doing good for the world.

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