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What to do with retail, office and valuations?

Download presentations from the NAREIM Asset & Portfolio Management meeting 2020 here:

What to do with retail space?

  • Speaker: Scott Kempton, Head of Retail Fund, Nuveen

  • ​What type of retail properties will survive post-pandemic? 

  • With the anticipation of vacant store fronts and retail centers, how will that space be converted into profitable real state? 

  • What key factors will give retail a fighting chance over the next 6 months, 12months and beyond?

What's in the office pipeline?

  • Discussion with  Matt Mowell and Joe Chiappone, CBRE Econometric Advisors

  • What are the 6 month and 12 month forward assessments of the office market? 

  • What is the leasing activity for leases with expirations since the start of COVID-19 - term renewals, extensions, contractions and tenant improvements?

  • What is the leasing activity for new, non-renewal related, leases - volume, rate and tenant improvement?​

Valuations: methodologies and striking a mark in a post-Covid world.

  • Direct Q&A with Alexander Jaffe, Director, The Altus Group

  • Which methodologies are being used to arrive at valuations in a world with few transactions. 

  • How are they looking to cap rates and discounted cash flows, what is their perspective on credit and vacancy losses and what is the range of rent growth assumptions, returns and marks?

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