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Architecture & Engineering

A&E Professional Development Workshop launched, 100+ resources listed

2023 NAREIM Architecture & Engineering Meeting: Professional Development Guide to Must-Have A&E Certifications, Training, Events, Publications, Personal & Technical Skills.

Transparency of information – in the building lobby – will be key to return to work

Smart dashboards on lobby doors or street thresholds displaying the cleaning status of a property, elevator wait times, occupancy and air quality will be critical to ensuring confidence in the health and wellness of an asset.

A&E 2017 Meeting Slides

Below please find links to slide decks from this year's meeting:
Black Bear Energy Presentation
ProLogis Solar Presentation
Gensler Obsolescence Presentation
 1601 Curtain Wall Schedule Demonstration.mp4
 Denver Demo Video.mp4

A&E 2015 Meeting Report: Building the Future of Real Estate

“Success is a collection of problems solved.” - I. M. Pei

It is tempting to imagine that the built environment comes about because of heroic individuals like Mr. Pei. Whether a leader, an investor, an architect or developer, we usually giv

A&E 2013 Slides

For download of slides used at the 2013 A&E Meeting, go to the following links:

Sustainability Metrics & Execution

Edison Midnight Lunch Slides

EnerNOC Slides

Seismic Risk Mgmt

Introduction to the role of analytics - UBS


The ticking time bomb of exploding tempered glass

NAREIM's first in-person meeting of 2021 heard about nickel-sulfide inclusions which can appear decades after construction and are undetectable and untreatable before breakage. “It’s a ticking time bomb in your glass,” the meeting was told.

Underwriting the costs of California's new seismic retrofit rules

Retrofitting assets to comply with California’s strict new seismic building regulations could cost more than $150 per square foot - presenting significant cap-ex costs, but lots of buying opportunity.

A&E 2016 Meeting Report: Do we change the design - or design the change?

“ You have to build for the people who live there.”  – Paul Meadows

(for a print version of this report, click here.)

“People are messing with our stuff,” declared NAREIM president Gunnar Branson. “The users of our real estate are

Slides from Fall 2015 Architectural & Engineering Meeting

Slides are now available.

Sarah Greenwood's Sustainability Presentation

Building Information Management Slides

Barry Abramson Sustainability Update

Jeanne Tarvin Vapor Intrusion Update

MIT Urban Metabolism Presentation

Neal Holdridg

A&E Fall Meeting Slides

Most of the slides from the September 25th-27th Meeting are now available:

NAREIM Facade Problems

Vapor Intrusion

Multifamily construction trends

Building Value Through Sustainability

Sustainability Metrics Options

Construction Cost

Boosting NOI with building tech, 5G, rooftop leasing and wi-fi networking

From rooftop leasing, 5G, centralized wi-fi networks and fiber management, managing building technology can increase NOI. With Partner Engineering

Managing Risk in Foundation Construction by MRCE

Click here for the presentation by MRCE to the NAREIM Architecture & Engineering 2018 meeting in Nashville on managing risk in foundation construction. Please note, the presentation is for informational use only and not for external distribution

Slides from October 2016 A&E Meeting

Here are links to slide decks that were made available from this year's meeting:

A&E Presentation Slides

Presentation Slides from 2014 NAREIM Architecture & Engineering Meeting

Wireless Communication Issues and New Existing Buildings
Wireless Issues

Green Building Adoption Index
Green Building Adoption Index

Environmental Regulatory Updat

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