Capital Raising & IR Meeting
Dec 01, 8:00 AM
Convene, 530 5th, NYC

You attend meetings to network. At NAREIM, we honor the investment of your time by ensuring our networking, activities and content is focused on helping you build personal relationships with peers, who are facing the same challenges and opportunities as you. 

The NAREIM Capital Raising & IR meeting is just the place to build genuine relationships and friendships, where small group discussions and roundtable sessions provide not only detailed and relevant topics and education - but also networking opportunities with peers.


And of course, NAREIM is about candid conversations. You come to NAREIM to learn - and share. NAREIM is about the sharing of best practice ideas, solutions, challenges and opinions. It's a place to explore new ideas among peers and friends. That is no different in 2022.

As we work to develop our roundtable and group discussion content, we are committed to ensuring your time is well-spent. We invite you to come join fellow Capital Raising & IR peers in December.


The NAREIM Capital Raising & IR Planning Committee is hard at work developing a sophisticated and highly interactive agenda. Please keep checking here for updates. 


wednesday, november 30

Attendees are invited to reconnect with peers and create new connections at the Institute of Culinary Education from 5.30pm-9pm, as part of an evening of networking to kick off the NAREIM Capital Raising & Investor Relations meeting in New York City.

  • Location: Institute of Culinary Education, 225 Liberty St, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10281

thurSDAY, december 1

8am: Breakfast


8.55am Welcome comments & NAREIM Capital Raising & Investor Relations committee update


NAREIM Capital Raising & Investor Relations committee members will provide as context a recap of their 2021 annual meeting, an update on initiatives underway and future plans, and the key issues to be addressed through the following peer discussions.​​​​

  • Chair: Scott Arden, Sentinel Real Estate

  • Co-Chairs: Kathy Briscoe Tyler Scheppmann, Dermody Properties

  • NAREIM: Sanyu Kyeyune, Head of Programming

9am "What’s on your mind?" Live polling & group brainstorming activity


NAREIM members' open-mic session


Small-group brainstorming: At easels, in groups of no more than 6, NAREIM members will jot down 3 issues top of mind.

Whole-room feedback: Then, we reconvene the groups to exchange best practices, challenges faced and lessons being learned.


  • Format: 45-mins small-group exercise plus whole-room feedback 

9.45am Alternative Asset Allocations: Global economic outlook & sector-specific case studies 


Presentations: A global economist, consultant and investor will share market observations, what’s working and what’s not working when growing and scaling investments in alternative property sectors.

Whole-room best practices sharing: During a whole room discussion, we will explore the following


  • How do investors define an alternative asset class today?

  • Which property subtypes qualify within the main product groups?

  • For investors, what is must-have vs. nice-to-have data?

  • How does your allocation protocol work?

  • Where is appetite as it relates to portfolio construction these days? 

  • What are the most actionable strategies, and lessons learned?


  • Format: 30-min case studies plus 45-mins whole-room Q&A

11am: Break

11.15am Hybrid Due Diligence & Annual Meetings: What are the digital must-haves for your data room in 2023?


  • Speakers: Ben Lathrop, Bailard

From online meetings, shared documents, video asset tours – the way investors conduct their due diligence, and in turn what managers house in their data rooms, has transformed. But what is expected of managers as we look to 2023 and beyond in terms of the data room? How much should you embrace video and interactive content? At what level do digital marketing materials become a competitive advantage – or disadvantage?

  • Format:

    • Presentation: 20-mins presentation on PE manager data room case studies

    • Workshop: 40-mins workshop activity and discussion, highlighting where peers are innovating their data rooms and where they are seeing the most investor engagement​​​


12.15pm Networking Lunch​​ 


1.15pm Capital Raising & IR in Action! A friendly competition  

Join your peers for a lively team-building activity. In groups of up to 6 people, each team will participate in a collaborative challenge, and learn something new about iterative processes, communication skills and their applications in real estate capital raising & investor relations.

  • Format: 30-min small group workshop plus whole-room Q&A


1.45pm Investor Communications Wishlist

Small-group activity: In groups of up to 6, investors will share with managers what information they need to improve how they track and monitor performance. Issues to be raised include: 

  • What ESG-related metrics matter most to investors? What data is most useful in making investment decisions?

  • What actions are managers taking to reduce delays and errors in communication with investors?

  • What are managers doing creatively with pitches? Are you doing anything differently, using the same data? 

  • When do you engage internal or third-party resources? What’s working? What needs improvement?

Whole-room feedback: During a whole room discussion, members also dive into key issues facing investors and investment managers.

  • Format: 25-min small-group exercise, plus 20-mins whole-room best practice sharing

2.30pm: Break

2.45pm Creative Structuring Strategies

  • Speakers: Scott Arden, Sentinel Real Estate and David Hodes, Hodes Weill & Associates


Presentations: With appetite toward more operationally intensive sectors and products increasing, what's the view from investors beyond just "bricks and sticks"?


Group discussion: During a whole-room discussion, we will dive deep into the creative strategies being employed and opportunities on the horizon. Issues to be raised include

  • How is investor sentiment changing around operating business investments?

  • How are you approaching more operationally intensive sectors? What does your decision making process look like?

  • How are managers making operating company investments or more operator-intensive investments in the vehicle? Or, does it have to be done outside? What structural reasons are behind this?

  • Which fee and promote structures are you using? 

  • What’s working, and what’s not working?

  • Format: 15-min presentation, 30-mins whole-room Q&A


3.30pm: End of meeting​



530 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10036

NAREIM does not have a hotel room block for the Capital Raising & IR Meeting. However the following hotels are located close to Convene:

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2022 pLanning committee members

Chairs: Scott Arden, Sentinel Real Estate

Co-Chairs: Kathy Briscoe/Tyler Scheppmann, Dermody Properties

Michael O'Donoghue, Alidade Capital

Todd Fowler, American Realty Advisors

Ben Lathrop, Bailard, Inc.

Marty Alston, Brennan Investments

Melissa Brown, Harrison Street

Brandon Sedloff, Juniper Square

Steve Moen, PGIM Real Estate

Pam Yu, Rockpoint

Michelle Wells, Waterton Associates

June Munshi, The CenterCap Group

Scott Tavolacci, Yardi

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