Capital Raising & IR Meeting
Capital Raising & IR Meeting
Nov 30, 3:00 PM EST
Online: 4 hrs

You attend meetings to network. At NAREIM, we honor the investment of your time by ensuring our networking, activities and content is focused on helping you build personal relationships with peers, who are facing the same challenges and opportunities as you. 

The NAREIM Capital Raising & IR meeting is just the place to build genuine relationships and friendships, where small group discussions and roundtable sessions provide not only detailed and relevant topics and education - but also networking opportunities with peers.


And of course, NAREIM is about candid conversations. You come to NAREIM to learn - and share. NAREIM is about the sharing of best practice ideas, solutions, challenges and opinions. It's a place to explore new ideas among peers and friends. That is no different in 2021.

As we work to develop our roundtable and group discussion content, we are committed to ensuring your time is well-spent. We invite you to come join fellow Capital Raising & IR peers in December.


tuesday, nov. 30, 2021

From 3pm-5:15pm ET

Open to NAREIM members and institutional investors, consultants


3pm: LPs Face Off! Live Cooking Competition & Demo with MasterChef Season 10's Chef Michael Silverstein

(Format: 40-mins; 2-3 LPs face off in a fast-paced cooking competition and instructional demo led by celebrity chef, TV personality and Gordon Ramsay-endorsed cookbook author Michael Silverstein and co-hosted by a GP nominated by NAREIM's Capital Raising & Investor Relations Committee. Contestants will receive all cooking and AV equipment and ingredients in advance. The host will provide snappy commentary in a fun, fast-paced and entertaining cooking class experience. Afterwards participants will receive a branded gift bag including a recipe card.)

3:40pm Networking Roundtables & Whole-Room Best Practices Sharing

Introduction by: Scott Arden, Sentinel Real Estate & Vice Chair, NAREIM Capital Raising Planning Committee

(Format: 1-hour, 30-mins; 15-mins data presentation followed by 1-hour of breakout groups of no more than 6 GPs and LPs, wherein a diverse group of institutional investors share what is driving their investment decision-making in a candid Q&A with real estate investment managers only. LPs will also discuss their ESG and DEI priorities, what they expect from their managers, what information they are including in DDQs, approaches to assessing climate risk, and strategies to insulate their portfolios.)


Topic A: What processes are you executing differently to mitigate the impact of Covid-related risks? How are you underwriting the “semi-unknown”?

  • ESG & DEI: What can we learn from recent survey data? What questions are you asking your consultants? Which non-financial metrics are you relying on to make decisions, and what additional data do you need? Where are you pushing more?

  • Integrating evolving inputs: What do we need to do differently given the impact of Covid-related risks on underwriting, leasing agreements, etc.? What processes are you executing differently to mitigate the impact of Covid-related risks? How are you underwriting the “semi-unknown”?

  • Underwriting Climate Risk: How are you looking at climate risk? What third-party providers do you use? Which new questions are you bringing to the table to better inform their investment decisions around climate risk? 

(Format: 25-mins roundtable discussion in groups of no more than 6 GPs and LPs, followed by 10-mins reporting back.)

Topic B: What has changed about your day-to-day organizational and business strategy? 

  • What worked for you over the past year? What didn’t?

  • How has your travel budget impacted the ways you do business?

  • How do you want GPs to engage you throughout the process—what can be done virtually, and at what point in the process do you need to meet in person?

  • What are you doing to insulate your portfolio? 

(Format: 20-mins roundtable discussion in groups of no more than 6 GPs and LPs, followed by 5-mins of reporting back to the group by each roundtable's elected discussion leader.)


Topic C: How are you planning and executing annual meetings in a hybrid environment?

  • What will annual meetings look like?

  • What are people comfortable with?

  • How do we execute on this in a hybrid model?

  • What will companies need to do differently to attract capital?

  • What’s working and what’s not working?

(Format: 15-mins whole-room discussion.)

5:15pm: Closing comments


wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021

From 3pm-4:45pm ET

For NAREIM members who are investment managers only


3pm: Capital Raising & Investment Review and Preview: How do we execute differently in 2022? 

Welcome comments and introduction by: Marty Alston, Brennan Investments & NAREIM Capital Raising Planning Committee


We know we’re living in different times – but how different? What precisely has changed? Through candid, small group conversations alongside institutional investors and consultants, NAREIM members discuss how both LPs and GPs are adapting to the new reality facing them in 2021 and how it’s impacted how they execute on capital raising, allocating capital and investor-manager relations and communications.

(Format: 30-mins, Fundraising & Investment Data Analysis and Whole-Room Discussion)

  • How did capital raising and IR change in 2021?

  • Where did people invest more?

  • Where did they pull back?

  • What are your expectations and predictions for 2022?

  • How do you plan to adjust your capital raising and investor relations strategies in 2022?  


3.30pm: Managers-Only Live Feedback & Breakout Groups Exercise: Near-Term Outlook, Reworking Organizational Processes & Executing Capital Acquisition in a Hybrid Working Environment

(Format: 1-hour, 15-mins; live polling in Slido will frame a managers-only discussion around 2-3 topics, in groups of 4 investment managers each, which will elect a spokesperson to share key takeaways after each topic is discussed.)


Topic A: Planning & Executing Annual Meetings in a Hybrid Environment, Return to Office Live Feedback & Best Practices Sharing Session 

(Format: 45-mins, live polling followed by short whole-room discussion where we will analyze feedback on what’s working well and what are the topmost challenges in reworking processes in a hybrid, remote or mandatory in-office working environment.)

  • What will annual meetings look like?

  • What are people comfortable with?

  • How do we execute on this in a hybrid model?

  • What will companies need to do differently to attract capital?

  • What’s working and what’s not working?

  • How is your return to office strategy shaping up?

  • What apps and software is out there to help in return to office planning?

  • How are you/will you coordinate LP due diligence days in the office with a hybrid schedule?

Topic B: New Ways of Executing Capital Acquisition & Portfolio Construction

(Format: 30-mins, small-group exercise followed by whole-room best practices sharing) 

  • To what extent are you raising funds with new investors, virtually?

  • Where are we finding efficiencies?

  • How can we tap into these to make the lives of LPs and GPs easier?

  • In case of worsening crises, what will managers need to do to adapt?

  • How do we underwrite climate risk for our own investments?

4:45pm: Closing comments

2020 Investor and Consultant perspectives:

  • Peter Braffman, Managing Director, Real Estate Investments, GCM Grosvenor

  • Anthony Breault, Senior Investment Officer, Oregon State Treasury

  • Drew Butler, Managing Director, i(x) Investments 

  • Brian Combs, Associate Director, BLG Capital Advisors

  • Rodgers Harshbarger, Senior Investment Director, Private Investments, UNC Management Company 

  • Larissa Herczeg, Managing Partner, Oak Street Real Estate Capital

  • Rob Kochis, Partner, The Townsend Group

  • Lili Luizova, Vice President, LaSalle Investment Management Global Partner Solutions

  • Kevin Higgins, Head of Real Estate & Real Assets, New Jersey Division of Investment

  • Ben Maslan, Managing Director, RCLCO

  • James Mattingly, Director of Real Assets, Indiana Public Retirement System

  • Judy McMahan, Portfolio Manager, Real Estate, UPS Investments

  • Simon Mok, Portfolio Manager, Employees Retirement System of Texas

  • Jay Morgan, Partner, StepStone Real Estate 

  • Ken Munkacy, Senior Managing Director, Kingbird Properties (Grupo Ferré Rangel family office)

  • Meagan Nichols, Global Head of Real Assets, Cambridge Associates

  • Brian Planey, Investment Officer, Real Estate, State of Wisconsin Investment Board

  • JP Rachmaninoff, Director of Real Estate, The Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System

  • Christina Scarlato, Principal Portfolio Manager, Real Assets, The World Bank Pension Plan

  • Brad Sturm, Portfolio Manager, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System

  • Thomas Yoo, CEO, Willow River Capital Management

2021 pLanning committee members

Chairs: Kathy Briscoe/Tyler Scheppmann, Dermody Properties

Vice Chair: Scott Arden, Sentinel Real Estate

Todd Fowler, American Realty Advisors

Ben Lathrop, Bailard, Inc.

Marty Alston, Brennan Investments

Megan McCarver, CapRidge Partners

Meghan Burke, CenterSquare Investment Management

Melissa Brown, Harrison Street

Jessica Hobbs, Mesa West Capital

Steve Moen, PGIM Real Estate

Jennifer Yuen, Torchlight Investors

Michelle Wells, Waterton Associates

June Munshi, The CenterCap Group

Scott Tavolacci, Yardi

Past agendas

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