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Join investors and consultants in an intimate networking setting to discuss institutional investor perspectives on investment strategies and asset allocation - and how investors are underwriting and selecting managers in a highly competitive market.



Day 1: Tuesday, Dec. 1

From 4pm ET

Open to NAREIM members and institutional investors, consultants


What does your 2021 look like?

We know we’re living in different times – but how different? What precisely has changed. Through candid, small group conversations alongside institutional investors and consultants, NAREIM members discuss how both LPs and GPs are adapting to the new reality facing them in 2021 and how it’s impacted how they execute on capital raising, allocating capital and investor-manager relations and communications.


  • Format:

  • Each topic will include a short, whole room discussion focused on 3 key questions from both investors and managers. The discussion will be followed by breakout group conversations of no more than 6 people, where all attendees discuss and report back on their strategies and solutions for 2021.

  • Each breakout group leader will take notes and report on their roundtable conversations, the insights from which will be aggregated into a special report available to attendees. Please note, the report is only for distribution within the NAREIM membership and meeting attendees.


Topic A: Benchmarking beyond returns

Returns will always be paramount. But ESG and diversity are increasingly important to institutional investors and their beneficiaries. NAREIM members ask investors how they can better benchmark and communicate asset, portfolio and corporate-level investments and activities to assist investors in tracking progress and change. Discussions include:

  • Exclusive: Early review of NAREIM’s Diversity & Inclusion survey data, highlighting corporate-level data on gender and ethnicity across seniority and job functions in real estate investment management.

  • Looking to the future: Emerging areas for benchmarking and communication


Topic B: The new day-in-day-out: what’s the right protocol?

Meetings, asset tours and annual meetings are virtual; networking is on Zoom and at your dining room table. We laugh at it, but it does mean we’re all doing our jobs differently. How are we planning to continue doing our jobs through the summer of 2021, and what best practices can be shared to help make everyone more effective?

  • From onboarding, email and phone communications and due diligence procedures, managers and investors share insights and strategies that have worked successfully – and issues that have proved more challenging.


Topic C: Member and investor-initiated questions

Discussions include investor appetite and expectations for capital allocations in 2021, among other topics.

6pm: Networking with NAREIM

  • Welcome comments

  • Format: Small group breakouts, randomly rotated after 20-minutes

Day 2: Thursday, Dec. 3

From 4pm ET

Open to NAREIM members and investment manager guests only


Candid conversations – capital raising and investor relations in 2021


Peer-only discussion focused on real-time strategies and solutions facing capital raising and investor relation professionals. Through case study review and breakout groups, NAREIM members dive into the realities of reporting, onboarding and capital raising when the cycle doesn’t favor your strategy.


  • Format:

  • Each topic will include a short, whole room discussion followed by breakout group conversations of no more than 6 people.


Topic A: The market outlook - fundraising and deals

Real-time data on capital raising and anecdotal evidence on post-Covid deals. Where is the capital flowing and what’s the state of the deal market? Short intelligence briefings are followed by breakout group discussions of no more than 6 people.


Topic B: Reporting: is it worth the fee?

Reporting is increasing in breadth and volume. It can often mean significant change and investment in a manager’s infrastructure. Through whole-room discussion, members discuss issues including:

  • Do managers and investors need to talk more candidly about the true costs of reporting earlier?

  • How should managers raise this more openly with investors?

  • How can IR teams help data and technology professionals in their own firm’s better plan for, and finance, reporting requirements?


Topic C: Member-initiated discussion

6pm: Networking with NAREIM

  • Welcome comments 

  • Format: Small group breakouts, randomly rotated after 20-minutes


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2020 pLanning committee members

  • Todd Fowler, American Realty Advisors

  • Stuart Bernstein, CapRidge Partners

  • Greg Eudicone, Barings Real Estate (chair)

  • Alexandra Williams, Barings Real Estate

  • Elaine Philis, Broadshore Capital Partners

  • June Munshi, CenterCap Group

  • Kathy Briscoe, Dermody Properties

  • Jon Dishell, Gemini Rosemont Commercial Real Estate

  • Melissa Brown, Harrison Street

  • Jessica Hobbs, Mesa West Capital

  • Paul J. Behar, New York Life Investors

  • Michael Frazzetta, TGM Associates

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