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Portfolio Management
Jun 07, 5:30 PM EDT

The NAREIM Portfolio Management, Acquisitions & Asset Management meeting provides three distinct streams of content and conversation in one meeting in NYC - with shared networking for deeper cross-functional connections. Check out the Portfolio Management agenda below.

meeting format

The Portfolio Management, Acquisitions & Asset Management meeting will host 3 distinct streams of content, each stream dedicated to one of the 3 functional groups.


Note each stream, will take place in separate rooms. Members will have the ability to move between rooms..

[JOINT SESSION for all attendees] indicates a shared, general session for all meeting attendees. For these general sessions, attendees will gather in one room for discussions and networking.


The Portfolio Management Committee is hard at work developing the agenda. Please check here for updates.

wednesday, JUNE 7

5.30pm: Networking dinner

The Smith NoMad, 1150 Broadway, NYC


8am: Breakfast

8.45am Welcome comments & NAREIM DEI Committee Update


Brief update on NAREIM research & surveys, and how to get involved with upcoming DEI committee events.

  • Chairs: 

    • Portfolio Management: Shilp Shah & Melissa Warren, Nuveen Real Estate

    • Acquisitions: Josh Dinstein, Continental Realty

    • Asset Management: Robert L. Jones, Alidade Capital

  • Co-chairs: 

    • Acquisitions: Hayley Cox, UBS Realty Investors

    • Asset Management:​ Rob Naso, BentallGreenOak ​


    • Zoe Hughes, CEO

    • Sanyu Kyeyune, Head of Programming

    • IvyLee Rosario, Meeting Director 

9am Liquidity & Capital Markets Pt. 1

JOINT SESSION for all attendees

  • Session leaders:

    • Robert L. Jones, Managing Director, Alidade Capital

    • Shilp Shah, Director, Portfolio Management, Nuveen Real Estate

    • Hayley Cox, Transactions, UBS Realty Investors

  • Speakers:

    • Andrew Thornfeldt, Head of Real Estate Investment Banking, Chatham Financial 

Whole-room Q&A with presentations by NAREIM members and industry experts: In the first segment of this session, we'll hear from a product specialist and lender, the product types that are able to get financing, solutions to liquidity challenges, exposure and financing terms.

  • What are the current liquidity challenges?

  • What are managers doing to find liquidity?

  • How are managers working through debt constraints?

Format: 5-minute polling, 10-minute session leader perspective, 15-minute manager case studies, 20-minute whole-room discussion – 50 mins


9.50am: Break

10.05am Liquidity & Capital Markets Pt. 2

JOINT SESSION for all attendees

  • Session leaders:

    • Robert L. Jones, Managing Director, Alidade Capital

    • Shilp Shah, Director, Portfolio Management, Nuveen Real Estate

    • Hayley Cox, Transactions, UBS Realty Investors

  • Speakers:

    • Laura Rapaport, CEO, North Bridge 

    • Candice King, Head of Real Estate Capital Markets Alternatives & Housing, Nuveen Real Estate

Small-group activity:  In groups of 6, managers will discuss the actions they are taking to manage risk, strengthen their portfolios, and time their re-entry into the market – what’s working and what’s not working.

  • What actions are you taking to manage cash flow and working capital at the Asset and Fund level?

  • What challenges are you facing in finding liquidity?

  • What strategies are you trying or considering?


Format: 25-minute group exercise, 25-minute whole-room discussion – 50 mins


10.55am: Break


11.15am: The Big ESG Question: How are you calculating brown discounts?

Insuring and financing assets at a discount typically falls on PMs, but where do you get dinged?


We dive into what data providers and lenders are offering and how managers quantify the impact of ESG actions on insurance and financing costs.

  • Speakers: 

    • Dara Friedman, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, BentallGreenOak

    • Will Hedley, Vice President, BentallGreenOak

  • Moderator: Justin Lia, Managing Director, Partner Engineering and Science

Topics to be raised that address the cost of capital associated with ESG:

  • Part 1: Taxes & Insurance

    • What are insurers asking PMs for around resiliency? What are the best tax and broader incentives?

  • Part 2: Valuation & Liquidity

    • How do you quantify the value of ESG? How do you determine the benefit or penalty on exit? Which KPIs have the highest impact?

  • Part 3: Lending & Financing ​​

    • What metrics are lenders using to underwrite value to ESG in an asset? What improvements are they looking for in your portfolio?

Format: Fireside chat, followed by roundtable discussions in 3 parts - 60 min

12.15pm Networking Lunch 


1.15pm: Portfolio Allocation: What are you doing to manage risk?

Members share strategies for risk management. How do you make portfolio construction decisions in an uncertain market cycle?​

  • Session leaders:

    • John Kennedy, Managing Director, Barings Real Estate

    • Melissa Warren, Portfolio Management, Nuveen Real Estate 

  • Speaker: Seth Laughlin, Managing Director & Co-Head of Market Analytics, Green Street

Issues to be raised:

  • How much alpha can you achieve by choosing the right sectors?

  • Where are operating fundamentals most mispriced?

  • What is your ideal allocation in 7-10 years?

  • Format: Short presentation with expert analysis and case study review, followed by whole-room best practices sharing - 45min

2pm: The Evolving PM Role: How to Resource & Structure Teams 

Insights from the 2022 NAREIM Global Management Survey and member discussion on how each firm structures its PM role and group, how much time is spent on fundraising and how the skill sets needed for the next 5-10 years. Where are the biggest challenges? What do you need to improve your day-to-day role?

  • Session leader: Larissa Belova, Portfolio Manager, U.S. Core Partners, CBRE Investment Management

  • ​Speaker:​ Drew Stepanek, Senior Vice President, Stockbridge

  • Format: Short presentation, followed by small-group roundtable exercise and whole-room best practices sharing - 45min​

2.45pm: Break

3pm: How PMs Are Using AI & Predictive Analytics to Make Faster, Better Decisions

  • Session leader: Scott Dunphy, Director - Assistant Portfolio Manager, MetLife Investment Management

  • SpeakerJason Dean, COO, Pennybacker Capital


Show and tell session with members sharing the latest technologies helping manage their portfolios in a faster moving market and areas where technology is lacking. Discussion around how Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation will change how PMs manage and optimize their portfolios.

Issues to be raised: 

  • How much real-time visibility do you have into your portfolio today? Is it granular enough?

  • What technologies are being used to manage portfolios?

  • What’s missing from the marketplace?

  • How can ChatGPT, AI, Machine Learning, and automation make us better managers?

Format: Live polling & audience feedback, manager-led presentation, plus whole-room Q&A - 45min

3.45pm: End of meeting




530 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10036

NAREIM does not have a hotel room block for the

Portfolio Management, Acquisitions & Asset Management meeting. However the following hotels

are located close to Convene:

The Gotham Hotel, New York

Sofitel New York

Club Quarters, Times Square

The Iroquois Hotel

The Algonquin Hotel

Citadines Connect

The City Club Hotel

The Royalton Hotel

The Harvard Club and The Yale Club are also located nearby.


2023 pLanning committee members

Chairs: Shilp Shah & Melissa Warren, Nuveen Real Estate

John Ockerbloom, John Kennedy & Maureen Joyce, Barings Real Estate Advisors

Dara Friedman, BentallGreenOak

Larissa Belova, CBRE Investment Management

John Kjelstron & Joe Nowicki, Chatham Financial

Paul Wasserman, KKR

Bob Geiger & Justin Lia, Partner Engineering & Science

Drew Stepanek, Stockbridge Capital

David Stanford & Jim Valente, RealFoundations


NAREIM meetings are open to NAREIM members only and their guests. For further information on attending meeting or other NAREIM discussions, please contact Zoe Hughes, CEO. Please note that any executive who is not a NAREIM member, guest of a member or working in the real estate investment management industry will not be admitted to NAREIM events. NAREIM reserves the right to decline any registration. By registering for NAREIM events, you are consenting to NAREIM’s privacy policy.

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