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Marketing & Communications Virtual Connection
Jun 13, 1:00 PM EDT

The NAREIM Marketing & Communications meeting is your opportunity to network with peers and enjoy candid conversations on the realities of branding, marketing and reputation management within real estate investment management. 

During a virtual 60-min roundtable discussion, NAREIM MarComm professionals focus on social media and how to choose which platforms are the best fit for their firms, how to create an authentic voice and get employees involved.


The Committee is working hard to finalize the agenda. Please check back here for updates.

1pm: Welcome comments by IvyLee Rosario, Meeting Director, NAREIM

1.05pm: Social Media and an Authentic Presence 

  • Which platform is the most valuable for your firm?

  • How do you get your employees to share their authentic voice when it’s regulated and control by the SEC? What works well and what feels artificial?

    • How to do LinkedIn sessions for the mass of X employees? How to focus a post – how to do it – what gets most engagement – how to be authentic. A 201 guide to LinkedIn. 

    • How seriously are people taking TikTok for business purposes? Twitter? Youtube? Instagram?

      • Will the potential demise of whatever credibility Twitter once had now push businesses and talent seekers to new platforms? ​

  • How do all of these SEC restrictions play into that? 

2pm: End of meeting


Past Agendas


2023 PLanning committee members

Chair: Erin Randloph, Bailard, Inc

Matthew Richter, Alidade Capital

Natalie Evertson, Clarion Partners 

Matt Schuler, LaSalle Investment Management

Stephanie Dufresne, National Equity Fund

Meg Faulkner, Partner Engineering & Science

Kait Furey, Torchlight Investors

NAREIM meetings are open to NAREIM members only and their guests. For further information on attending meeting or other NAREIM discussions, please contact Zoe Hughes, CEO. Please note that any executive who is not a NAREIM member, guest of a member or working in the real estate investment management industry will not be admitted to NAREIM events. NAREIM reserves the right to decline any registration. By registering for NAREIM events, you are consenting to NAREIM’s privacy policy.

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