Marketing & Communications
May 18, 2:00 PM EDT
ONLINE: 60-mins

The NAREIM Marketing & Communications meeting is your opportunity to network with peers and enjoy candid conversations on the realities of branding, marketing and reputation management within real estate investment management. 

During a virtual 60-min roundtable discussion, NAREIM MarComm professionals focus on ESG and DEI and ask the perennial marketing and communication question: "How do you measure the halo effect of ESG thought leadership?"

Join us for this complimentary, virtual Q&A discussion.

May 18, 2022

Time: 2pm-3pm ET


2pm: Welcome comments


2.05pm: Telling the ESG story: Measuring the halo effect of ESG thought leadership, white papers and annual reports. Two NAREIM members provide short case studies reviewing the creation and execution of annual ESG reports within their organization. They discuss the strategy behind each report, the resources required to create the reports and the distribution.

  • The Green Cities Company. Megan Irwin, Corporate Marketing Manager, explains the firm's annual ESG Impact report and how the report has grown over the life of the firm and fund series. She weighs the balance of growing information and data against the need for concise delivery of messaging and how Green Cities executes on the report fully in-house. ​

  • LaSalle Investment Management. Matt Schuler, Senior Vice President & Global Communications Director, details the process the organization is using to capture wide-ranging global perspectives across the business, and the drivers of why the firm is pursuing the report.

2.20pm: Whole room Q&A discussion on differentiation strategies and standing out in the ESG crowd. Members share strategies on ESG communications in relation to investors, employees, tenants and public stakeholders. Questions and discussion topics include:

  • What? What are you currently doing on ESG that has turned out easier than you expected?​

  • How? You have limited resources and time - what have you prioritized within your organization? How are you selling the need for additional marketing spend?

  • Lessons learned: What have been the pitfalls to date? 

  • Measurement: How are you measuring impact and the halo effect of thought leadership? What ESG marketing is moving the needle at the asset level? How is marketing perceived by tenants and brokers? What is impacting investor perceptions?


​2.45pm: DEI within ESG. A separate issue or the S of ESG? A quick round-up of how members are positioning corporate policies, strategies and initiatives on DEI. Questions and discussions include:​


  • How is DEI being presented in investor PPMs?​



3pm: Closing comments

2022 PLanning committee members

Matthew Richter, Alidade Capital

Erin Randloph, Bailard, Inc

Megan Irwin, The Green Cities Company

Matt Schuler, LaSalle Investment Management

Stephanie Fell, Nuveen Real Estate

Meg Faulkner, Partner Engineering & Science

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